Skinflint – Ram of Fire

Ram of Fire taken from Skinflints’ upcoming 5th album, Chief of the Ghosts, to be released December 2016. (Official website)


In the blistering heat
They dance and shout for rain
Inhale the soul of herbs
and drain the poison of reality

Killing of a ground hornbill
In sight of the fire eye
For all to hear and see
The heavens wail in sorrow

Summoning of rain doctors
To guide the lightning rays
With enchanted sticks
Covered in animal fat

At the time of rainfalls end
They’ll travel to the rainbows end
The point where it meets the earth
In search of cattle and riches

At the rainbows end
What will they find?

Treasure or death?
What will they find?

Horns – Piercing their soul
Fierce – Everlasting flame
Its fire – Consuming them whole
Only death will they gain

Ram of Fire