What is Zanany Live?

In today's world, the music industry is highly competitive, and there are countless aspiring musicians and artists striving to make their mark. However, getting their music to reach a wider audience can be a challenging task. That's where our programmed music playlist (Zanany Live) on comes in. This innovative solution helps musicians gain more exposure and reach a broader audience, allowing them to showcase their talent to thousands of music lovers countrywide and possibly more outside our borders.

We are confident that will be a popular music streaming platform that will gain a reputation for being a supportive platform for upcoming musicians. It will be community of music lovers and artists who are passionate about discovering and sharing new music. Zanany Live streams music 24/7 on Zanany and Facebook page.

Zanany Live only features music that has been uploaded by artists at, giving them the opportunity to showcase their music to a larger audience. We believe this approach provides a level playing field for all the musicians, regardless of their experience or exposure, and helps them gain recognition and exposure in the music industry.

In conclusion, Zanany Live is a great way to discover new music and find fresh talent. The playlist is curated by's team of music editors, ensuring that it features the best and most diverse music from the platform's community of artists. This creates a unique listening experience for the audience and helps them discover new music that they might not have found otherwise.

Team Zanany