Dato Seiko Hints At New Album with ‘On Album Mode’ Twitter Handle

One of Botswana’s rising RnB stars, Dato Seiko, may be gearing up to release a new album, and fans are already buzzing with anticipation. The singer recently changed her Twitter username to ‘On album mode,’ a subtle hint that she may have new music in the works.

Moreover, Dato Seiko has been sharing short snippets of songs on her social media platforms under the hashtag ‘album mode.’ These snippets have left fans craving for more and speculating about the singer’s upcoming project.

Dato Seiko’s last album, “Grace Effect,” was released in May 2021, featuring the hit single “Phenyo ke yo.” The six-track EP showcased the singer’s vocal prowess and established her as one of Botswana’s finest young talents.

The singer is set to co-headline Jam’nsoul live sessions this month alongside Lang Mavuso and Presss, adding further fuel to the speculation that she might drop new music soon.

Dato Seiko has been consistent in releasing music that resonates with her audience. Her smooth RnB style, relatable lyrics, and soulful vocals make her a standout artist in the industry. Fans are hoping that her new album will be another hit and that she will continue to push the boundaries of Botswana’s music scene.

With the hints dropped on her social media, Dato Seiko’s album mode seems to be in full swing. Fans can’t wait to hear what she has in store for them and are looking forward to the official announcement of her new album.